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Eye Level Policies

These following are a set of current policies generally observed by Eye Level Learning Centers; however these policies may be updated or modified by Eye Level management from time to time as circumstances require, with or without notice. Please be advised that an up-to-date copy of our ‘Center Policies’ is always available for viewing here. This notice is not a contract. A printed copy can be obtained upon request at any time.

Student/Teacher Ratio:

Every Eye Level member has an allotted class time which enables us to deliver targeted instruction. That’s why we keep the Student/Teacher ratio at 5:1. Eye Level is a self-directed program. Our teachers guide students through corrections and the introduction of new concepts whenever necessary. In order to meet the developmental needs for every student, our teachers may rotate between classes.

Enrollment & Tuition Fee:

Enrollment fee and the first month tuition payment is due and payable upon registration. All fees paid are non-refundable. Tuition for a partial first month can be optionally pro-rated for your convenience. Pro-rate payment is not an option for following months. Should a previously enrolled student want to resume our program, the re-enrollment fee will be waived only if the student has returned within 75 days of the last date the child was in attendance at the center.


It is IMPORTANT that we maintain the proper Teacher Student Ratio for your child’s preferred session to help you get the most out of Eye Level program. Please attend your center only on your scheduled day(s) and at your scheduled time(s). A 24 hour notice is required for all schedule changes, whether temporary or permanent. We request that any permanent schedule changes be notified in writing only by using the ‘Request for Schedule Change’ form. All schedule changes MUST be processed and approved by management.

Missed Sessions / Make-Up Policy:

Your child's scheduled session has been reserved for you. Keeping your appointments is extremely important to our business. No-shows drive our costs and prices up. If you are going to miss your session in case of an illness, schedule conflict or due to any unavoidable circumstances, please contact Eye Level no less than 4-hours prior to your scheduled session by any means possible.
Make-up sessions must be scheduled in advance in order to ensure that a proper Teacher:Student Ratios are maintained at all times. You may submit your request in writing by using the ‘Request for Make-Up Session’ online or fill-in a printed form available upon request at your center.

  • Sessions missed with proper notification will be regarded as 'Excused'.
  • Unexcused Absences are all other absences for which Eye Level was not notified at least 4 hours prior to the missed session and may not be eligible for make-up sessions.
  • Requests for refund or tuition credit cannot be entertained for missed sessions under any circumstances.
  • Make-up sessions are subject to availability of slots.
  • Make-up sessions must be scheduled and completed within two weeks time following the missed session.
  • There will be no make-up sessions for missed make-up sessions.
  • Excused absences are limited to 2 per quarter (every 3 months).
  • We will not be able to offer make-up sessions for classes missed due to inclement weather or due to conditions beyond our immediate control. However we assure you that we will make all reasonable attempts to inform you of any such eventuality by all means possible.
  • All requests for make-up sessions must be approved and confirmed by management.

Homework Pick-up:

If your child is going to be absent for a class, whether planned, excused or unexcused, please get in touch with us either by phone, email, online form or in person at your earliest convenience to pick up homework before the next scheduled session, so that your child doesn’t miss a week’s worth of work. Also please drop off any completed work at the same time so that we could have it graded before your next scheduled visit.

Notice of Extended Absence (Vacation):

Notice of Extended Absence (Vacation):): An EYE LEVEL student may take an extended leave of absence for any reason whatsoever, for a maximum of two (2) consecutive months per calendar year. Please notify your Center at least four (4) weeks prior to the first date to be missed in writing only without fail, to keep your tuition pricing, ’Key & Point’ redeemable points and enrollment status intact.

We strongly stress that daily Eye Level study is essential to the methodology of our program. If so desired, we will be happy to prepare homework to take during extended absences, for a portion of the regular tuition fee, payable in advance. (Please ask us for more details)

A student returning after 75 days of such notified absence is considered a new enrollment and in such cases..

Parents MUST submit such requests in writing only using the ‘Request for Extended Absence’ form.

Renewals Policy:

If you are enrolled in one of our extended payment options and tuition plan is up for renewal, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance (before the expiry) of your choice of tuition plan for your continued enrollment. If no plan is chosen, tuition will be switched over to the latest monthly fee currently in force.

Discipline Policy

Unruly students can be suspended from class for the day, but are required to complete their assignments at home.

Withdrawal Policy

We order materials for each student based on their individualized program and progress. We need sufficient time to be able to process withdrawals in a timely manner. That’s why parents MUST submit a written ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ form for all types of withdrawals.

A 30-day WRITTEN notice is mandatory. Any prepaid tuition remaining (or eligible refundable deposits) at the end of the 30-day termination period will be paid within a 30-day period following the final day of attendance. If extended payment options (Semi-Annual/Annual) are in effect, classes attended prior to the withdrawal date will be adjusted according to the current monthly rate in force and the remaining unapplied tuition fee will be returned along with security deposit within 30 days following the final day of attendance.
Failure to notify within the mandatory notice period will result in loss of your Security Deposit.

Timeliness/Class Attendance/Duration:

Students are required to attend 1 session per week, per subject enrolled on their scheduled day & time. As sessions start on time, please make every effort to arrive on time. Tardiness will disturb the other students and will result in a shorter class time for your child. Make-up times for late arrivals are not guaranteed. Parents and guardians are advised that each child’s study session varies in length according to the time it takes to complete the day’s assignment. Our sessions typically last about 50-60 minutes which helps us maintain and promote a better center flow.

Sick Day Policy

Please do not send your child to Eye Level if they are ill. If your child missed school due to an illness, they should also be considered too ill to attend Eye Level. Please contact us no less than 2 hours prior to your scheduled session so that you can make arrangements to pick up the planned assignments and drop off completed ones. You can use our ‘Request for Homework Pick-Up’ online form to communicate your instructions to this effect.


Please make every attempt to pick up your child(ren) by the end of their session time; all Eye Level work will end while they await pick-up. Eye Level Learning Centers are not day-care centers hence we cannot provide child care services. If, in the parent’s or guardian’s determination, a child is not old enough to enter or leave the Learning Center on his/her own, the parent/guardian is responsible for assuring the child’s arrival and departure. All parents are strongly advised to instruct and monitor their chid(ren) to remain within Eye Level premises while they await pick up. Eye Level Center will not be responsible for ensuring that your child stays within our premises while they await pick-up. Charges apply for frequent late pick-ups. If your child is dropped off or picked up by someone other than yourself (parent), either now in in future, please provide the details in advance.

Billing Cycle & Late Fee policy

Our billing cycle is a predetermined series of 4-week segments which are intended to normalize the irregularities in the modern Gregorian calendar. Our center shall be in operation for 12 billing cycles per year (48 weeks). "Month" is defined as a series of 4 contiguous weeks, "Quarter" is defined as a series of 12 contiguous weeks, etc. Statements, and/or Payment Receipts will only be provided upon parent/guardian’s request. Payment is due either on the very FIRST CLASS day of the month or the 7th day of the month in which tuition is due, whichever is earlier. All monthly payments will be set up for automatic debit unless other arrangements have been approved by management. A $10 late fee (for every month delayed) will be assessed for payments made after the 10th of the month in which tuition is due. A fee of $35 (bank processing fees) will be assessed for all returned checks.

Center Holidays/Closings

Classes are instructed weekly, up to 4 weeks per month(as explained above). For some of the months that have 5 weeks, the center will be closed for staff development and training during the 5th week, which are as follows: Spring Break, last week of May, last week of August and Christmas Break. Apart from Federal holidays we also observe certain major holidays (as identified on the Center Calendar) as ‘No Class Days’ and there will be no class replacement / make-up for such days. However, we will provide the homework in advance. All closings will be communicated in advance. Center Calendar is available for instant download on our website. Printed copies will be provided to you upon request.

Referral Credit

We get majority of our new enrollments by way of referrals. Parents who refer Eye Level program to another family will receive a one-time $25 tuition credit for every new student enrolled. We honor referrals across our centers, meaning, you could benefit from a referral made to anyone who joins any of our other centers [Austin/Avery Ranch/Round Rock/Cedar Park]. Referral credit is available to active students only. We appreciate all your referrals and thank you wholeheartedly for the same.

Deposit (Refundable)

Enrollment of each student requires a refundable deposit of $50 per subject enrolled. Deposit will be fully refundable within 4 weeks of your withdrawal from the program, so long as you abide by our latest Withdrawal Policy.

Booklet Policy

The cost of booklets is included in the tuition fee. Each booklet contains multiple lessons. Workload (number of booklets) may require certain adjustments for some students due to their respective advancement for any or all levels. Booklets are generally assigned as follows:

MATH : 2 Basic Thinking booklets & 1 Critical Thinking booklet per week.

Level 1-6 : maximum of 1 Main booklet + maximum of 1 Workbook per week
Level 7-8 : maximum of ½ Main booklet + maximum of ½ Workbook
Currently the established policy of our Institution allows us to issue more booklets (if requested) for an additional charge of $10.00 each. Management reserves the right to process and approve such requests on a case by case basis.

Homework, Grading & Corrections

Students will be assigned work for six days a week. They will do one day’s work at the center and the rest at home. Your child must complete all assigned homework and bring it back the following session/week. , We will then grade it and work on necessary corrections, if any, the following session/week. Please set 15-20 minutes aside as Eye Level time. Doing work every day rather than finishing in a day or two will develop discipline, good study habits and focus. All work should have a starting time and an ending time. New booklets will be provided only when all assigned homework has been completed. If a student makes more than 10 corrections in a workbook, such workbooks will be re-issued for homework after working on those corrections in the class under teacher’s guidance. A Level Test is conducted only on successful completion of all books at each level and a Certificate of Completion is awarded upon passing of such a level test.

Copyright Policy

Eye Level booklets are copyrighted material, subject to U.S. Copyright Law. Any reproduction (including photocopying) reuse or distribution of the Eye Level booklets is expressly prohibited. Violators will be liable to the fullest extent of the law.

Phone Policy

We expect our patrons to fully understand that during both business and non-business hours in-coming calls may be sent to our voice mail system. Please be informed that ‘missed’ calls can’t and therefore, will not be monitored. Hence, we request you to leave a voice message in case you expect to hear back from us. All messages will be responded to either immediately, the same day or definitely within 24 hours, with the exception of Fridays/Sundays.

Not a Child or Dependent Expenses

Eye Level does not qualify as a child care or dependent care expense. Therefore, parents are advised not to attempt to claim it as a tax credit or for reimbursement via a flexible spending account. Eye Level franchisees are not required to provide their FIC (Federal Identification Code) for this purpose.

Parent’s Participation/Use of ’Key & Note’

:It is crucial that your child maintains consistency in working on the booklets on a daily basis. Accordingly, please make sure you set aside about 10-15 minutes (per subject enrolled) as Eye Level time each day for your child. Doing homework every day rather than finishing it all in one or two days will help your child develop healthy study habits; therefore, daily homework is a very important part of the Eye Level methodology. We encourage you to become our eyes and ears at home so please let us know of work being too easy, too hard, taking too long, or observe any reluctance, resistance, too much help needed to complete, etc. Please use the ‘Key & Note’ notebook as a communication tool with your Eye Level instructor. If you have a major question that needs to be addressed during class, please put a sticky note on the sheet so we can locate the issue quickly and devote time to it during the class session. We strongly urge you to keep us current and informed by using our Feedback/Complaints/Comments/Concerns/Compliments’ online submit form. We truly appreciate any kind of communication.

Customer Portal

On our website you will have access to the latest Eye Level news, announcements and updates along with a number of submit forms for all types of communications/services. Parents can optionally login to our Customer Portal to update their personal information, setup account/payment details, review documents, generate and print statement of accounts, review schedule or book appointments in real time etc. all this available at your own convenient time and place.

Restroom Policy

Please ensure that restroom visits of your children are to be strictly avoided during class time by taking care of such needs before the start time of their respective sessions. This is intended to prevent waste of time and also avoid unnecessary distractions to all concerned. The teachers/staff at Eye Level of Austin may not always be available to escort your children at all times, as the restrooms are situated a few feet outside the center’s main door, next to the elevator. Please note that the key to the restrooms are available at all times in the reception area, hung on the glass next to our entrance door.

Protection Policy

The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to other persons and the parent agrees to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Daekyo America, Inc., and/or it’s Franchisee. Eye Level is responsible for its student’s safety and well-being only as long as they are inside the Center facility, Please note that the restroom at Eye Level of Austin center is not a part of our facility as it is situated outside, a few feet away from our entrance.

Emergency Consent

It is our policy to notify a parent when a child is found to be ill or needing immediate medical attention. If we are unable to contact a parent in spite of our best efforts, and we need to get immediate help for the child, the procedure is to take the child to the nearest emergency service or call 911 or ambulance help. The parent/guardian consents to this procedure and further agrees to pay all costs incurred.

Photo Release Opt In Policy

You agree to allow Eye Level Learning Center and/or Daekyo America, Inc to use photographs that include your child for promotional purposes. Please indicate whether you allow us to use you and/or your information.

By checking this box, you agree to the above.       By checking this box, you disagree to the above.                                                                                                        

Parent : Teacher Conference

Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled typically at the end of every 6 months of enrollment to summarize the progress made so far and to possibly suggest/advise changes to your child’s curriculum, if we feel are necessary to keep your child remain benefited from our program. Additionally our teachers will make every effort to give a short update to the parents on the progress made, from time to time, especially on those days when your child is administered the Level Test or other such built in tests within each of our various levels. If you wish to have a conference with your child’s instructor, please contact management to arrange the meeting date and time. The Center Director will make every effort to try to sit in through the meeting together.

Meetings with Center Director

The Center Director will be your primary point of contact at the center to inquire about your child’s progress. The Center Director may not be available for individual conferences during center open hours. If you would like to inquire about your child’s progress or communicate directly with the Center Director, we encourage you to call ahead to schedule an appointment (or book one for a future date) whether in person or phone or online if we fail to accommodate your request immediately so that we can give you the time and attention you deserve. Please login to ‘Customer Portal’ on our website to be able to schedule an ‘Appointment with Center Director’ in real time according to your own convenience and availability.

Notices & Forms

Notices & Forms: We would greatly appreciate if you would make every effort possible to use our online forms (available on our website) to help us serve you better. We monitor them all the time and we aim to resolve and respond to all your requests within a reasonable time, which is usually less than 24 hours, with the exception of Fridays/Sundays.

For a more immediate attention, please contact us by phone (voicemail will do) or by email ( or visit our center in person (Most of these forms are available in print upon request).

In-Center Rules