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How to Continue?

Dear Parents,

We are honored that you have considered entrusting us with what is surely one of the most precious things in your life - your child's future.

Indeed your child's future is the whole reason we founded Eye Level Learning Center in your neighborhood. We believe that offering a personalized education in a nontraditional setting is the best way to help kids realize their full academic and emotional potential.

We are very proud of the outstanding education Eye Level provides, and, most importantly, the well-rounded students we help develop. Meeting the individual needs of our students and preparing them to succeed in school and in life is why we're here. We hope that you would continue to support and encourage us in our personalized educational approach to attain the best possible results. We believe that we can’t achieve true potential of your children’s education without your supportive help. We, the teachers and the parents, should collectively form a team to strive for excellence in our children’s wellbeing.

Parents, Eye Level Instructors and the children, together are like a well-balanced triangle. Behind every successful child, there always is a supportive parent.

We would be very pleased if you:

  • Provide your child a regular time and a conducive place to study. The home work they complete at home reinforces instruction. If students work daily there would be less incorrect answers. We will assign an appropriate amount of work for the student (4-5 pages per day is ideal enough), but the workload can be modified, if so requested by the parent,
  • Ensure that study area is free from distractions.
  • Wait and encourage your child to tackle problem by themselves. They will attain safe studying habits within a year, if not less.
  • Compliment your child without hesitation whenever they do a good, if not a great job. Provide lots of praise and encouragement.
  • Maintain close communication with the instructor and provide frequent feedback, even if it happens to be negative. (We will try to rectify immediately)
  • Grade work if possible (the answer books will be provided by Eye Level)

On our part, at Eye Level, we will endeavor to do the following:

  1. Analyze the results of tests or work and plan the exact curriculum for each student
  2. We will review our study program in case they have more than 10 wrong answers in MATH and 20 in ENGLISH.
  3. Notify parents of test evaluations though the Parent’s Conference, if not already done in person or by other means of communications.
  4. Teachers will provide clear feedback within a week after receiving homework, or if you grade the work ahead, feedback will be provided right after recording the grades. A progress chart is included in each student’s folder so a parent can always tell where the child is in the sequence.
  5. Conduct studies as per schedule to help them advance steadily at a comfortable pace accordingly to each one’s ability and initiative.
  6. Focus on understanding of the concepts rather than blind repetition.
  7. Eliminate learning gaps that are frequently seen even in strong students with good grades.

Once again, I appreciate your support and promise you that we will continue to do our best for your child’s academic excellence