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Notice of Extended Absence

The policies governing Extended Absences are as follows:
  • An EYE LEVEL student may take an extended leave of absence for any reason whatsoever for a maximum of two (2)  months ,consecutive or otherwise, per calendar year.
  • An Extended Absence cannot be for less than 2 weeks and cannot be utilized more than 3 times in an year.
  • Notice of such absences must be received in writing, no less than four (4) weeks prior to the first date missed. 
  • Tuition fees and rates will be frozen during such extended absences if you return within 75 days.
  • Your child(ren) will be removed from the classroom roster(s). You will need to notify us prior to returning, in order to determine the placement of your child(ren) back on the classroom roster(s) subject to availability of slots.
  • At your option, we will be happy to prepare homework to take with you during an Extended Absence, for a portion of the regular tuition fee, payable in advance. In such cases, we will also reserve your child(ren)’s  spot on our classroom rosters upon return.
  • A student returning to the program after 75 days of such notified absence is considered a new enrollment and subject to a re-enrollment fee, security deposit, as well as the current tuition rates in force.
Whatever maybe the case, please do notify us in advance before returning from an Extended Absence, to confirm availability of your preferred day and  time slot. 

IMPORTANT - A Notice for Extended Absence must be acknowledged, approved and confirmed by management.

Notice of Extended Absence

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Duration of Extended Absence

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