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Enrollment Process?

Step 1 : Learn more about Eye Level program using our website.

Our website (or provides information about Eye Level program and philosophy. Just spend a few minutes viewing our site in order to get a better understanding of Eye Level education system and how your child could benefit from this exciting and new learning method.

Step 2 : Obtain More Information

If you wish to see or obtain more information, please visit our FAQ, Disclaimers, DownloadPolicies & Guidelines, Core concepts etc. pages 

Step 3 : Contact Us 

If you wish to enroll your child in one of our Eye Level programs, you can do one or more of the following:

A.Call us @ (512) 336-0743 and record your message on our voice messaging system (i.e., if we don’t answer. We normally get back to you the same day, if not the next day working day) or
B.Submit your information on our inquiry form on your nearest Eye Level Learning Center or
C.Write to us (email) @ '' or
D.Walk into your nearest Eye Level Learning Center or
E.Click here to INSTANTLY Schedule a FREE Diagnostic Evaluation.
Step 4 : Schedule a FREE Diagnostic/Evaluation Test

In response to your action taken as per Step 3, we will schedule our a FREE Consultation which includes an assessment to determine your child's current aptitude, strengths and weaknesses and a proper starting point for him/her in our program.

Step 5 : Enroll in Eye Level 

Once we have determined your child’s starting point in our program, we will have you pick the most convenient time and day for your child to come into our center for his/her weekly session.