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Eye Level Program Disclaimers

Clear communication is the foundation of positive, healthy and mutually beneficial relationships. Without it misunderstandings can occur and good intentions can get misinterpreted. These disclaimers are simply an attempt to set forth a set of reasonable and realistic expectations with the intention of facilitating open communication and clear understanding of our program.

Parent meetings

Class times are extremely busy for teachers (and the Director). We assure you that we will continue to accommodate impromptu meetings/consultations whenever possible, but we would like you to appreciate that we may not always be available for drop-in meetings and therefore encourage you to call ahead to schedule an appointment (or book one for a future date whether in person or by phone or online if we fail to accommodate you immediately) so that we can give you the time and attention you deserve.

Phone Calls/Emails

Your calls and emails are important to us. It is our intention to answer all phone calls live. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer your call (or email) if you are calling (or emailing) the Center during class hours, or on a day the Center is not open. We do our best to return all phone calls (and respond to emails) within the business day if not within 24 hours. This does not include Friday or Sunday.


Because all our study material is hand-stocked, hand-pulled, hand-filed and hand-distributed, we readily but regretfully admit that we are prone to human error from time to time. As Shakespeare said ‘there are many a slip between the cup and lip’. While we realize that such slip ups are not entirely avoidable, we assure you that we will continue to try our best to keep such incidents to a bare minimum. We have come to believe that this is the very nature of our business/program. If your child received the wrong booklet or not enough homework please call or email or use our ‘Feedback/Concerns/Complaints’ online form and we assure you that we will work overtime to fix the problem ASAP.


If you are participating in a FREE 2 or 4 WEEKS TRIAL (whichever is applicable in your particular case) and wish to discontinue we insist on a written notice within the FIRST 14 days or before the 3rd session whichever is earlier to be eligible for a refund of your deposit. Withdrawal will be immediate and any unattended classes will be forfeit. We simply look at it this way: We served you a dish you didn’t’ like and obviously we don’t expect you to finish eating it. Our unique program needs us to plan, reserve, allocate and dedicate our resources in a timely manner, hence the need for a clear written notice of withdrawal as per the applicable policies.


Effective Class time

Eye Level teachers typically need a ten minute period in between classes to wrap up the current class and prep for their next class. For this reason class sessions usually end somewhere between the 51th and 60th minute of an hour. Wrapping and prepping usually involves activities like grading, filing, checking in/out the student folder, pulling booklets for homework, recording the details of issue/receipt of booklets, corrections/testing scores in the progress reports and restroom visits, apart from squeezing in some time to meet parents with urgent questions or for communicating important updates



Eye Level students receive a complimentary folder and an Eye Level (red) backpack upon enrollment. These items are a one-time issue as we ourselves receive one for each new student enrolled from our Corporate Office. However, a replacement folder and backpack are available for sale anytime for $3.00 and $15 each respectively. Please ask our admin if you need a replacement at extra charge.


Although we don’t insist on contracts we have to stress upon the fact that Eye Level is a long term commitment, and the longer you are enrolled the better the results. Kids do not learn study skills or improve their current ability overnight. Please be patient and realize that you probably won’t see significant progress for at least 3-6 months. We are always available to discuss progress with you- just call or visit or use our online form to make an appointment!


We do not prorate tuition fees, due to absenteeism or no-shows, or for whatever the reason. Workbooks will be provided as usual. Even make-up sessions can be arranged subject to our policies. However tuition can be frozen when notice is served for extended absences as applicable by our policies.

We hope in due time you will appreciate the fact that our program strives to provide a hands-on and a much more enjoyable and richer experience to our students. Many aspects of our program are manually intensive and unavoidably laborious in nature and therefore it is relatively resource hungrier at the same time. We would like to argue that these very aspects actually help our program make it much more effective and beneficial to the education of our students and their parents in more ways than one. Nevertheless, we feel proud to be able to bring this unique self-directed enrichment program to your vicinity at a very affordable price.

Thank you for your understanding and for the opportunity to help your children become better critical thinkers and eventually succeed in their lives

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.