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About Us

Linking all aspects of the educational industry into one network, Daekyo is positioned to become a world-class educational service provider. 

Daekyo pioneered this unique teaching method in 1976 when school classrooms in Korea were inefficiently overcrowded and students encountered difficulties in obtaining personal attention from their teachers. Even the brightest students struggled to keep up with the rigorous mathematics curriculum at their schools. Simply put, teachers were teaching but students weren't learning. The founder of Daekyo recognized that the students could achieve their greater potential, especially in the area of mathematics, if they could only attain individual attention. Thus, a unique educational program called Eye Level (formerly known as ‘E.nopi’) was born. The basic philosophy behind Eye Level is that in order for students to learn effectively, instructors should teach at a level that is appropriate to each individual's position. Thus, rather than a school-centered or teacher-centered program, an educational system that focuses on individual students was developed. This revolutionary concept currently maintains its superior existence and is applied by many teachers worldwide in the present day. 

All Eye Level learning centers are locally owned and operated by, PremaVeera, Director, a long time resident of Austin,  parent of two children and a certified Eye Level Instructor. During her many years of corporate experience she has seen that individuals with critical thinking and analytical skills excel in their careers.  Upon deciding that she wanted to return to her longtime passion of helping children achieve academic excellence, she searched for a program that would emphasize math, reading and writing while teaching children to capitalize on their natural curiosity and develop those all-important critical thinking skills. Eye Level fits all the criteria. She believes that Eye Level program not only includes the school curriculum, but also prepares kids for STAAR, gifted, state tests and later on the SAT and TAKS.

She firmly believes that the best education program is one that prepares students to be ‘real thinkers’.  The will to succeed is important, but most importantly is the will to prepare. Academic success through daily exercises is the key to scoring A's!

Prema loves Eye Level curriculum for its ability to be used for enrichment as well as to address skill deficits.  In addition, she appreciates Eye Level's proven track record of effectiveness and its common sense approach to math education.  It is her belief that an effective math education doesn't need to be expensive and she appreciates that Eye Level's relatively lower price points makes it affordable to most families. 

It is Prema’s personal mission to make sure that your children learn math techniques and reading skills that will literally change the course of their lives.  With discipline, patience, diligence and compassion, your children may become inspired to fall in love with numbers as well as find the beauty and power of words.  

With over 2.5 million students of varying ages currently enrolled in this program worldwide, it is her pleasure to bring this successful program to your neighborhood.

Eye Level Instructors

All Eye Level instructors are trained in a comprehensive teaching program for their Eye Level certification, ensuring their ability to offer the best Eye Level instruction to each student. Eye Level instructor certification is an on-going process and requires regular training; therefore, our instructors remain current and up to date with all Eye Level teaching methods.

Eye Level instructors work closely with individual students and their families to develop the best possible study plan and environment for each student. Assessing each student individually allows the instructors to determine whether the student has a need for remedial education or for more advanced study.

All homework and assigned tasks are carefully assessed by Eye Level Instructors and overseen by PremaVeera, Director, in order to properly evaluate the progress of each student. These regular evaluations provide insight to the student and help determine the proper course corrections needed for the student’s study schedule.