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Eye Level is CLOSED (for classes)

from Monday, 24th Dec to Sat 29th Dec 2018

for Christmas Holidays


Imagine having the power to transform your child's life, to nurture healthy study habits, to lay a strong foundation based on understanding of fundamental skills, to instill self-confidence in his/her own capacity to excel at school and succeed in life! 

Now is the best time to develop your child’s problem solving skills by wisely investing your time and resources in Eye Level Program, the only program in the world which teaches both Basic and Critical Thinking skills, the very skills necessary for a lifetime of success!


Welcome to EYE LEVEL, a premium after school enrichment program that develops students (Pre-K - 8th Grade) interests and proficiencies in Math, Reading and Writing!


Since under performance in Math and reading/writing of English is often central to many of the learning difficulties some students experience, we at Eye Level use our internationally acclaimed program to help children become successful in those subjects. 

Our mission is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program. Our specific objective is to assist students to reach or even exceed grade level performance in math and reading/writing and come away from the experience with the knowledge that learning can be fun. 


The highly acclaimed Eye Level Math and Reading program (previously known as E.nopi) has been used internationally for over 30 years, and now it is available in many parts of Austin. With over 2.5 million students of varying ages currently enrolled in this program worldwide, it is our pleasure to bring this successful program to your neighborhood.


Please explore our web site for more information about Eye Level Program and find out how your child could benefit from this exciting and new learning method.




Eye Level English is based on the U.S Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal is to help students master English, systematically, through enhancing the target language skills.

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Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each step of the way as they progress
through the curriculum.

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  • Keep up the good work!

     --Pravi Sarajit


  • My son likes coming to Eye level. He has an excellent teacher too.

     --Amrita Waingankar

  • My daughter started with math I love the critical thinking in Math and the teachers are so awesome she loves to go to Eye Level the Ceder Park center is so organized I get the help whenever required to re-schedule etc. I loved the teaching style and the syllabus of Math and English there is so much my child is learning. Special thank to Mr. Shashi the center head who really gives attention to all our child requirements very eye for detail. I LOVE THE PROGRAM!
    --Alia Muzammil 
  • Eye level is a great after school program for kids. Its not repetitive as Kumon and my son loves the instruction material. Its very colourful and teaches critical thinking as well as math/ english skills. The teachers can design the program to suit the needs of the kids and keep them motivated.

    --Ekta Sehgal

  • The entire team at Round Rock Center is so committed ..

    --Vidhu Sudha

  • Eyelevel Math, Reading & Writing curriculum are great and more friendly with any grade student. My two daughters are rocking in school after go to Eyelevel center.

    --Raj Gadde
  • It really worked out very good for my son. He improved in reading and math and is more confident now.

    --Srinivas Pentam
  • I have been very impressed with their syllabus and the learning method compared to others like kumon. It's not repetitive and makes the learning process interesting.

    --Pavithra Ramadoss
  • I definitely believe that the Eye-Level English classes helped my kid get into the Gifted and Talented classes in her school.

    --Rajesh Menon
  • We have two kids enrolling at the center for Math and we can see that they are getting ahead at school. The center is very clean and bright. The instructors are very friendly and attentive to the student. The program offers both critical thinking and basic math skill which makes it more fun in learning for my kids. The homework is not too much and it has some fun activities / math related stories that my kids love. We had done Kumon previously for 2 years and this program is so much better and easy to stay on track.
    --Auco Griffin
  • Best place for kids to learn Math and English

    --Sunil Mukkollu
  • We love the staff and the curriculum!

    --Anila Ahmed
  • Shashi and his wife (the owners) do a FANTASTIC job on keeping the centers running like it should AND are always available for questions/concerns. They should start more locations :-)

    --Santosh Tiruvan
  • Eyelevel has very helpful curriculum in Math and English.

    --Dharmaraj Gadde
  • Wonderful Service!

    --Karimah Rose

  • I loved the service! Some really good teachers that care and pay attention to the kids. Wish the locations were closer to home.

    --Ravi Vemulapalli

  • My son, daniel, is 5 years old. He is working on e.nopi math and reading. I think that he loves enopi program. Because when he is doing enopi homework at home, he enjoys doing enopi workbooks with me. also in the center, there is a tutor. unlike kumon, a tutor in enopi center helps my kid to understand what he is doing in the class. so i love it.

  • My son has been going there since 4 years and I can't be more happier with the progress he has made. His Math teacher is top notch and knows my sons strength and weakness and works with him accordingly. I think he is what he is because of Enopi. I would recommend this to anyone.

    --Vinod Ganesan

  • Excellent place. I like the teachers here, very friendly with kids. The facility director Shashi closely monitors the students progress and always on top to inform the parents. With the building inside, not close to the direct traffic right on sam bass, i also feel safe to leave the kids, when i am running bit late to pick them up. Finally kids love the colorful books from EyeLevel than other enrichment programs. I recommend EyeLevel to all students.

    --Srinivas Vedere

  • My son has been at this location for a few years. We definitely see an improvement in his Math abilities.

    --Mahesh Mahadevan
  • Eye Level is a good enrichment program. Earlier my son used to go to Kumon, after a while he started complaining of too many repetitions. After moving to Eye Level he is doing fine. They have small rooms with an instructor and we don't need to do the grading. The prompt response from Shashi and Prema at Round Rock, Avery Ranch and Anderson Mill locations is highly appreciated. I recommend all the parents to supplement with Eye Level, definitely help later in High School.
    --Srinivas Vedere
  • My Child is doing very good for now. This program has really helped my son's confidence level in both English and Math.

    --Sasikala Ranganathan